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Scott Francis darkuncle at darkuncle.net
Thu Jul 12 02:23:36 UTC 2001

On Wed, Jul 11, 2001 at 07:40:45PM -0400, Richard A. Steenbergen exclaimed:
> Hrm you may have an idea there. Since so many attacks are related to
> EFNet, and there are so many possible reasons for it to be impacting the
> rest of the internet, I propose we introduce a new ICMP type, ICMP EFNet.
> This message type could be used to convey all kinds of important
> information about why things are broken, for example:
> ICMP EFNet code 1 - Smurfing
> ICMP EFNet code 2 - SYN Flooding
> ICMP EFNet code 3 - Channel takeover
> ICMP EFNet code 4 - Warring botnets
> ICMP EFNet code 5 - Dianora
> and many other useful messages.

regardless of one's opinion on the usefulness/validity/point of IRC, I think
some respect is due EFnet simply considering the antiquity of the network, and
the sheer volume of communication, good bad and indifferent, that has flowed
over it since its inception. I'm sure I'll be flamed for my (mis)use of
'antiquity', but I think IRC has been, and continues to be, a valuable
communication tool. Like any useful tool, it tends to be used for both
beneficial and nefarious purposes.

And let's not forget that any network attack, regardless of the target or
purpose, is a Bad Thing and responsible netizens should do their part to help
eliminate such abuses.

I'm done preaching now; I'm sure those who agree with me didn't need a rehash,
and those that don't are unlikely to change their minds. Just wanted to
provide a counterpoint to the "since $service has no business function and
doesn't increase profits, there's no point in supporting it" crowd.

(not that RAS is necessarily in that crowd; he just happened to be the first
to respond.)

Sometimes things are worth doing, even if doing them causes you some grief. I'm
sure cynicism will eventually overwhelm me and I will realize that there's no
point in sticking one's neck/network out to provide a useful service to the

okay, I'm ready for the flames now.

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