Public peering points in the Detroit, MI Area

Brian Cashman bsc at
Wed Jul 11 15:49:16 UTC 2001

William Allen Simpson wrote:
> Various folk have tried.  The one near the Tank plant (Warren) died for
> lack of customers.  There was talk of one in Ann Arbor, but AFAIK it
> never got off the ground.  I have email on it going back 7 years.
> Merit should start one out at Arbor Lakes.  Plenty of bandwidth....
> "John Palmer (NANOG List)" wrote:
> >
> > Are there any public peering points in or around Detroit, MI?
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> William Allen Simpson
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I'd be happy to consider such a thing. If you could forward to me what
you have from 7 years ago I'd be interested in seeing that. The was
before my time at Merit. Also, John, I'd be happy to discuss a private
peering arrangement, if you're interested. 

A problem, I'll have to admit, is that Ann Arbor hasn't had very good
external connectivity. This is changing and we (Merit) are in the
process of implementing some high speed links (OC-48) out of town (and
out of state). 

In general, I believe that Michigan hasn't had very good connectivity
due in part (perhaps mostly) to its geography. Most carrier facilities
enter in the southeast, go north to Detroit, then go west along I-94
until they leave Michigan into Indiana. It's been pretty rare to find
fiber north of I-94 which only sits about 50 miles north of Michigan's
southern border. The lakes on each side preclude a nice neat east to
west fiber build. And don't ask about Michigan's upper peninsula. A
different LATA with no available facilities (to my knowledge) across the
Mackinac bridge. So, everything between the two halves of the state goes
through other states. Michigan is a tough state to run a statewide
network. At any rate, things are looking better.

Anyway, I think that lack of good facilities has hampered the creation
of a public peering point in Michigan. The facilities situation seems to
be getting better so perhaps the peering point situation will too.

     Brian Cashman

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