Getting an AS and /18 [rfc 1918 addresses for cable modems]

Fletcher E Kittredge fkittred at
Tue Jul 10 15:51:05 UTC 2001

On Mon, 2 Jul 2001 17:50:55 -0700 (PDT)  Andy Ellifson wrote:
> Bob said it better than myself.  I just want help compling with ARIN's
> rules and justifications to get some address space for this customer. 
> When the documentation comes back wanting signed contracts, receipts
> for the equipment, SWIP information......... and so on... It seems like
> a daunting task.  
> I nor the customer have never been through this before.  I just wanted
> to get input from someone that has gone through it before.  I certainly
> wouldn't want ARIN handing out a /18 to a business that will never
> utilize it.  I understand why the rules and justifications are in
> place.

Be sure to use RFC1918 addresses for the cable modems and all other
equipment that does not need routable addresses.  It will make your
network run better(tm) and will also make ARIN happy if you mention it
in your request.


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