IN-ADDR.ARPA Progress Report

bmanning at bmanning at
Sun Jul 8 02:26:55 UTC 2001

> Goal:
> Reduce the size of the IN-ADDR.ARPA zone file. This file will be reduced
> in size by only containing name servers for /8 networks.
> Next Step:
> July 9, 2001 - ARIN will begin revising the IN-ADDR.ARPA zone for those 
> direct /8 delegations to ARIN.  These /8 zone files will be serviced by
> the two ARIN nameserver networks.  These changes will not affect the
> performance of reverse lookup in any of the IPv4 Address space.
> Please direct any questions to inaddr at


I am -really- looking forward to this.  I've just completed the  3q2001
audit of the tree. Its grown by over 10,000 entries in the
previous quarter, from 181,544 entries to 192,015 entries.


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