High speed access

Andrew Brown twofsonet at graffiti.com
Fri Jul 6 13:53:19 UTC 2001

>At one time, PacBell almost had 10Mbps to the home (HFC). Yes, it was
>asymetric. ATT/TCI brings such speed. 802.11b carriers (Sprint, et al) are
>trying to bring in symetric 11 Mbps. The we have the local telcos where
>affordability seems to top out at T1 speeds (1.54Mbps). SDSL seems to top
>out there as well.

i've got a cable modem.  it beats the pants of dialup service, which
only just before had had it's pants beaten off by my ricochet modem
(which still works, by the way).  i'm investigating 802.11b stuff for
my house.

symetric 11 Mbps sounds...goofy.  especially if based on 802.11b,
which utilizes a broadcast mechanism.  besides, i've yet to meet
*anyone* who got past about 2/3 of the theoretical "bandwidth" of
802.11b.  imho, it's the spinal tap of the networking era (it "goes to
11", but is actually just a rumor and sort of made up).

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