crsnic whois updates

Adam McKenna adam at
Wed Jul 4 04:06:35 UTC 2001

On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 10:18:55PM -0400, mike harrison wrote:
> > Apparently NSOL thinks they are "special"..  Even though my nameservers are
> > registered with OpenSRS, NSOL thinks that I need to spend time (weeks,
> > sometimes), sending them an updated "host" form every time I change an IP 
> > address.
> I have some important name servers at NSOL that I have been trying
> to get updated for weeks, I'm down to the 'pay em $299' extortion plan
> to get them updated. --Mike--

I know, they're idiots -- the last time I tried to get a host updated, they
took over two weeks, finally I called them and the guy couldn't figure out
why it hadn't updated, so I gave him (over the phone) my crypt-pw, and he
said everything was good, I didn't hear anything back from them for two more
weeks, when I got an e-mail that said that I had sent the e-mail from the
wrong address (even though I had sent the correct password), and that it
couldn't be updated.  Thankfully, by then, the NSOL db had updated from the
crsnic db and finally had the correct data.

I just updated another one of my nameservers with OpenSRS last night, the 
crsnic whois and gtld servers have already updated, let's see how long it
takes for NSOL to update this time.


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