Getting an AS and /18

Daniel Golding dan at
Mon Jul 2 23:41:43 UTC 2001

I suspect this is a troll. However, I'll take the bait...

Why should this organization get any sort of special treatment? Because they
have been too slack to properly SWIP their blocks? Because they don't feel
like submitting the proper documentation?

You posit that the customer genuinely needs the address space. How do we, as
an Internet community discover that? The only way is documentation.

I find it rather hard to believe that an organization without an AS,
qualifies for a /18, based on the published criteria - they did take the
time to read those, right?

Andy, you request help to circumvent a process that is far from perfect, yet
is our best hedge against the unscrupulous. I suppose the best advise for
them is to hire a consultant who is fully conversant in the procedures for
obtaining address spaces and an AS number. That's their best bet.

- Daniel Golding

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> Subject: Getting an AS and /18
> I have a customer that is a cable modem provider.  They submitted the
> form to request an AS and some address space.  The response from ARIN
> wanted a ton of documentation.  I understand why ARIN requires all of
> the documentation.  Does ARIN require a ton of SWIPS be present for the
> customer before they will issue address space?  This customer genuinely
> needs the address space but doesn't have the time to gather up all the
> information that is 'required'.  Does anyone know of a person they can
> talk to at ARIN to help with this process?
> -Andy Ellifson
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