ISP contracts and government intervention

Adam Rothschild asr at
Mon Jul 2 18:56:20 UTC 2001

On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 10:41:56AM -0400, Mitch Halmu wrote:
> Some black hats illustrated here:

Thanks for directing our attention to a photograph of some Men In
Black Hats; the operational benefit is immense.  But in the context
we're talking about, the New Hacker's Dictionary[1] tells us that a
"black hat" is:

  "[common among security specialists] A cracker, someone bent on
  breaking into the system you are protecting. Oppose the less common
  `white hat' for an ally or friendly security specialist; the term
  `gray hat' is in occasional use for people with cracker skills
  operating within the law, e.g. in doing security evaluations. All
  three terms derive from the dress code of formulaic Westerns, in
  which bad guys wore black hats and good guys white ones."

The maintainers of MAPS RSS[2] and pals aren't interested in breaking
into your mail server.  Rather, their goal is to protect others _from_
you, as you've chosen to be irresponsible and consciously operate an
open e-mail relay.  The problem can be resolved by you fixing your
mail server.

Personally, I'd get by just fine without e-mail from a nice chunk of
the folks listed on your page.


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[2] <>

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