GRC rides again...

David Howe DaveHowe at
Mon Jul 2 16:16:39 UTC 2001

> The GRC page talks about his dos attack, and he also rants about the
> "dangers" of the IP stack in XP, but his dos attack didn't come from
> sending spoofed packets, so source address filtering wouldn't have helped
> this case.  GRC complaining about the spoofed packet problem should be a
> separate rant on his website (who probably is!).
I suspect that there were two attacks - because a few days after he posted a
smug "I blocked all the compromised machines at the ISP and didn't even
notice later attacks" on his site, he posted a handsup "I surrender, you
win" - and started ranting about the dangers of XP. The reaction is about
what I would expect if his smug "I beat the haxors" page annoyed someone
enough that he *did* launch a spoofed attack, and one with a sufficient
variety of source IPs that there was no blocking it.

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