GRC rides again...

Roeland Meyer rmeyer at
Mon Jul 2 13:29:02 UTC 2001

> From: David Howe [mailto:DaveHowe at]
> Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001 2:48 AM
> ... With yet another "update" to the DDos pages.
> and I quote:

> > Unfortunately, today we see only the operation of blind 
> self-interest from
> > Microsoft and the Internet's ISP's
> As I seem to recall several members of this list offered him 
> help (and were rebuffed) perhaps they
> would like to comment? He seems increasingly lost in
> a fantasy world where everyone is out to get him....

The question I have is, would QoS would do any good here?

Other then that, he seems to be on a rant here. As much as I hate to say it,
I almost agree with MSFT here. That said, Novell stated, decades ago, that
MSFT never could understand network security. At the time, I agreed with
Novell. Current observation is, that MSFT has yet to learn. Considering
MSFT's workstation market-share, that is a problem for all of us.

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