Statement of WorldCom, Inc. on Nasdaq Network Service Interruption

Chris Rapier rapier at
Sun Jul 1 21:43:34 UTC 2001

"J.D. Falk" wrote:
> On 06/29/01, Brian Wallingford <brian at> wrote:
> > The ten-thousand dollar question is who authorized _development testing_
> > on a production network at 2:30pm - NASDAQ or Wcom?  "Routine testing" at
> > 2:30pm?  Or was it a fluke related to a problem with personnel
> > management?
>         "Routine testing" could well mean "our most junior technician
>         was told to clean up the mess of cables, and one fell out."
>         I'm sure that's happened to everyone here....

Nope. Not here. Nope. No siree...

(once unplugged the wrong end of the fiber optic splitter and took 20
minutes to figure out what was wrong).

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