Automated DLR conflict detection

Jesper Skriver jesper at
Mon Dec 31 02:21:58 UTC 2001

On Sun, Dec 30, 2001 at 04:45:12PM -0500, Sean Donelan wrote:

> On Sun, 30 Dec 2001, Jake Khuon wrote:
> > HCB> >Damn... it *IS* Sean with the Black Backhoe. He's verifying
> > HCB> the >diversity, the only real way to....  May I suggest the
> > HCB> Sean with the Black Backhoe as a permanent NANOG post, much
> > HCB> like Black Rod and Silver Stick in the UK? It's so much more
> > HCB> than sergeant-at-arms or bodyguard.
> >
> > So is that who we'll be sending our "protection money"? |8^)
> Actually I would be much happy with a Certified something.  I can't
> figure out why people want a CCIE to run their Juniper routers.

Because a CCIE is about a lot more than knowing how to configure a Cisco
device, very few will pass a CCIE test without _knowing_ the technology,
and what they are doing, and that is the same regardless of the label on
the equipment.


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