Christopher Schulte schulte+nanog-post at
Fri Dec 28 18:07:52 UTC 2001

At 10:01 AM 12/28/2001 -0800, you wrote:

> > Looks to me as if Microsoft is altering global delegation of their
> > windowsupdate service.  Maybe diversifying the dns structure as they did
> > with after the attacks a while back?
>attacks?  you mean when they shot themselves in the 2182 foot?

I'm not aware of the exact reasons for their problems.  I heard of a few 
DoS attacks which crippled them due to poor network diversification / 
design / foo.

>there are some good ways to roll new dns delegations, where integrity is
>maintained throughout the process.  there are many bad stoopid ways.  dig
>and doc tell me that this is a case of the latter.

This is unquestionably the case.  Good = nobody notices enough to start 
`dig`ging around in the first place.



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