Automated DLR conflict detection

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You misunderstand. Which operators will offer this (backed by some
underwritten insurance) in an effort to be better than the competition ?


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>On many occasions in my prior life at Demon Internet we laughed sales
>out of meetings when they offered SLAs that were limited to the value of a
>months service. But, in the end *all* the salepeople offered the same deal.
>Until when SLAs come with a pay back greater than the cost of the contract,
>and in fact cover consequential losses, most service providers will treat
>the failure to deliver within the SLA as a risk associated with the service
>and not something more serious.

However: Would you (or anyone in the group) be willing to pay a premium for
that, and how much is a "real" SLA, one covering consequential losses, worth
to you?

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