OT: Lost job? Need help? NANOG Recruiting BOF!

Jake Khuon khuon at NEEBU.Net
Tue Dec 18 00:10:18 UTC 2001

### On Sun, 16 Dec 2001 23:21:27 -0500, Timothy Brown
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### nanog at merit.edu the following thoughts about "OT: Lost job? Need help?
### NANOG Recruiting BOF!":

TB> that are in this boat like I am, it might make more sense to network 
TB> with each other - as a result, i'd like to start a recruiting BOF for 
TB> people in the NANOG circle.
TB> I'd like to suggest as a starting point that interested parties looking for
TB> a job send mail to me privately with a brief overview of your qualifications 
TB> and a link to a place for your resume.  I'll create a webpage and mailing 
TB> list with this information before the holidays, and i'll send a summary to 
TB> nanog containing the relevant information for both employers and candidates.

While I appreciate the efforts involved in bringing together people and
employers (I too have been unemployed due to recent layoffs), I would
caution us to distance this from NANOG as it does not fit the charter of

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