¨°º©[Queen Vamp]©º°¨ vampiress at vampiress-au.net
Wed Dec 12 05:47:08 UTC 2001

> Guilty for clue-impairment is a lot different than guilty of intent to
> spread.  As for clue-impairment, I think everyone here agrees that Cisco
> should have this well filtered.  If this was your intended statement, then
> yes, agreed.  It was the implication of malice that I think was
> inappropriate, especially in a public forum.

Well hang on a bit there.... shouldn't merit have this filtered as well?
Agreed the person who opened the said SCR should have had a clue, but what
about merit protecting its subscribers?  At very least one would think they
would be geared up to thwart the spread of such viruses.

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