blocking peer-to-peer filesharing programs

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Tue Dec 11 23:08:02 UTC 2001

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> I realize this may be a touchy subject.  For legal purposes I'll state

Nice try, but NS2.SONYONLINE.NET is a dead giveaway (whois 
Maybe you'd have better luck trolling on Slashdot?

> that I'm making these inquiries as an academic excercize, as well as to
> enable me to block peer-to-peer programs on my own personal home network.

Your home at 3960 Ince Blvd, Culver City?  How long have you been making 
your home at an industrial park?  Do the movie studios across the street 
ever cause you any disturbance?

> The last thing I'd want to do is rob anyone of their free speech or
> "rights" to distribute illegal copies of copyrighted material.

What about distributing legal copies of copyrighted material?  Surely the 
copies I buy, whether I later distribute them illegally or not, are 
themselves legal copies.  Or have I caught you in a Freudian slip of sorts?

> Anyway... I'm interested in developing and studying comprehensive
> firewall and content-filtering techniques for disabling peer-to-peer
> filesharing applications (e.g. those using gnutella, fasttrack, other
> napster-style directory and download engines or stacks).  If anyone knows

It's called a plug.  You pull it out, the power goes off.  No more P2P file 

Oh, you want the Internet to continue to operate.  I see.  Well, at least 
your choices are now clearly delineated.  Have a nice day.

> of a mailing list / user group that has similar interests, or if you have
> similar interests, please email me off-list.
> Thanks all.
> - Dani

"The avalanche has already begun. It is too late for the pebbles to vote."
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