new NAP in St. Louis?

Kevin Facinelli ksfacinelli at
Tue Dec 11 22:10:49 UTC 2001

I am not sure of what Layer one is building in St.
Louis qualifies as a NAP in terms of exisiting NAP's
(maybe a Mini-NAP) but they have been putting together
a product referred to as a NEXUS Optical Distribution can find more information on this
offering at under the white paper
section.  The paper is  Exchanging Problems For
Profits: The NEXUS Optical Distribution Exchange.

Hope this helps,

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> > A colleague who isn't subscribed to NANOG-post
> wanted me to forward this
> > question. It seems that an outfit called
> 'LevelOne' has announced they are
> s/Level/Layer/
> sorry about that.
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