new NAP in St. Louis?

Daniel Golding dgolding at
Tue Dec 11 21:29:38 UTC 2001

They are a colo provider startup. ( I would imagine
someone at layerone is going to throw a switch in a rack in their colo and
declare it a public peering point. Unfortunately, demand for public peering
in secondary markets has never been high, even when telecom was at it's

- Daniel Golding

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> Subject: new NAP in St. Louis?
> A colleague who isn't subscribed to NANOG-post wanted me to forward this
> question. It seems that an outfit called 'LevelOne' has announced they are
> opening a NAP in St. Louis, but neither he nor I have heard of
> them before.
> Anybody on the list with prior experience, or even hearsay, that could
> confirm/deny or shed some additional light?
> thanks,
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