NetScout RMON probe opinions, other recommendations?

rise rise at
Thu Dec 6 06:24:05 UTC 2001

I'm looking for experiences with and opinions on NetScout's line of RMON
probes (WAN & ATM both) or the Cisco resold versions.  Currently in place
are a set of legacy Visual Networks probes (ASE) and precisely what real
added value the NetScouts provide is in question.  It's been suggested
that NetScout service may not be satisfactory so any experiences pro or
con on that would also be most welcome.  I can keep provided information
confidential (limited to the purchasing manager and I) if requested and
I'll be happy to summarize the other responses back to NANOG if there's
enough response to make it useful.

Recommendations of competing RMON probe manufacturers would also be very
useful since the dubious claim has been made that "all the others went out
of business during the crunch"...

Jonathan Conway
rise at

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