Christopher Schulte schulte+nanog-post at
Wed Dec 5 21:31:59 UTC 2001

At 02:17 PM 12/5/2001 -0700, Mike Lewinski wrote:

> > It's nothing personal.  Most if not all of their incoming MXes are
> > misconfigured so they reject all mail from everywhere.

A scheduled maintenance upgrade went bad?

excerpts from

'Subject: All Cities, Email Scheduled Maintenance.
The maintenance will take place Monday, December 3, 2001, from 12:00 a.m. 
to 6:00 a.m. EST. WHERE? This maintenance will impact the nine southern 
states serviced by BellSouth Internet Services; Florida, Louisiana, 
Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, S. Carolina, N. Carolina, Tennessee, and 


'Subject: ALL CITIES - E-mail Issue
The outage began at 4:13 p.m. EST on Tuesday, December 04, 2001. WHERE? 
This issue is impacting the nine-state Bellsouth region that BellSouth 
Internet Services serves. WHY? The equipment problem that is causing the 
difficulties is unknown at this time.'

According to their current status, problems are resolved:

'Resolution: We have successfully restored service in your area. All Dial 
and FastAccess customers in the nine-state region that BellSouth serves 
will no longer experience any problems sending or receiving their e-mail. 
All issues concerning any latency or disconnections have been resolved. All 
customers will be able to access the system normally.'


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