@Home ordered to shutdown at Midnight

Sean Donelan sean at donelan.com
Sun Dec 2 20:49:55 UTC 2001

On Sun, 2 Dec 2001, Robert A. Hayden wrote:
> AT&T couldn't move people off of @home because there was still a valid
> contract in place, until Excite broke it and turned off service.

I don't know if Excite at Home had a different contract with AT&T, but
Charter Communications moved 90% of its subscribers to a different
upstream by Saturday.  Charter's spokeperson said they only had a few
thousand subscribers left on @Home.  Charter's VP said they had teams
working for the last two months in preparation for the cutover.
Charter's actions seem to demonstrate that when management thinks its
important to get the job done, it gets done.

If Charter could do it, I would expect other providers could have done
it, if their management wanted to do it.

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