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Sat Dec 1 18:35:23 UTC 2001

Greetings all,

I'm trying to compile a list of community support by some of the 
larger ASNs.  It appears that there's a fair amount of interest
in this, so I'd like to build a quick webpage/database listing
what I find... but so far my information is horribly incomplete.

Does anyone know which ASNs disclose their ingress-tagging
communities?  I know that 3356 (thanks, Kevin!) and 3549 do,
and that 6347 tags but does not disclose.  It appears that
C&W tags, although with coarser granularity than 3356 or 3549.

IOW, support seems similar to selective-prepend support.

Of particular interest are public/private/downstream/upstream,
geography, and ingress or bottleneck interface bandwidth (if
anyone does this) tags. ASNs about which I am curious:

1, 174, 209, 1833, 2828, 2548, 2914, 3967 (will it be rolled into
3561?), 4006 (?), 4136, 4565, 4969, 5645, 5650, 5696, 6259, 6395,
6453, 6461, 6467, 6993, 7018, 7911, 7960, 8001, and any other
related or similar-size ASNs that I've omitted.

RR-type web page references are ideal, but email is fine.


P.S. -- Although I'm mostly curious about the larger ASNs, it's
by no means restricted.  If you're a basement multihomer, and
want to share, go for it. :-)

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