a question about the economics of peering

Chrisy Luke chrisy at flix.net
Sat Dec 1 00:30:09 UTC 2001

Neil J. McRae wrote (on Nov 30):
> yeah don't talk to me about some of the bozo companies I've had 
> to talk to about "congestion at the peering points" and how they
> can wave their magic wand and make all those problems go away. 

A current pitch from a certain newish IXP entrant in London is that
they can save me money off my Transit bill. When vendors get their
facts so blatantly wrong about your company, I seriously consider whether
they're worth doing business with - true it's just the sales droid,
but IXen don't need that many sales droids, I thought...

> Sounds like something we looked at a while ago - layer 2 interconnectivity
> over IP or MPLS for ISP's - we couldn't make the numbers add up though.

It's something I have considered for backup connectivity, but it never
went anywhere. I'm waiting for Nigel to pitch to me, in case his version
makes sense. :)


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