California power ... unplugged.

Roger Marquis marquis at
Sun Apr 29 05:24:50 UTC 2001

All true, but irrelevant to the people with cancer in the Ukraine
and elsewhere.  Still, having worked in back when it
was a state of the art department, the consensus there was that
small nuclear plants were far safer than the large one's in vogue
before 3 mile island (whose core is now encased in concrete for
thousands of years).

No question nuclear is clean but only if you carefully ignore
the danger of depleted uranium.  But I digress, that's a problem
for future generations (if we're lucky).


> Sorry, but nukes are clean and safe. Sure people have died from nukes,
> but millions have died from producing coal for plants. Why do we build
> coal plants and not nukes? Because people don't care if OTHERS die, if
> 100,000 people a year die from digging coal they are not in your
> community, that is better then the risk to THEM however small.

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