RIP and RIPv2, "The glue that makes the internet work"

Rachel Warren rachel at
Wed Apr 25 13:54:55 UTC 2001

I apologize, I'm going off topic.

> If the slackers who write for the rag can make a buck, let them.  Do 
> you REALLY put any stock in what you read in PRINT?

Actually, I put a lot of stock in what I read in print, and I put 
much greater stock in what I read in print than anything I read on 
the Internet, mailing lists being one of them.

I mean, gee, IEEE, ACM and numerous other scientific magazines and
journals of various subjects are all print based.  The newspaper one 
reads usually every day (not counting the tabloids ;-) is print based.  
Are you saying you don't put a whole lot of stock into them because 
they are in print?  I bet college professors and reporters adore 
you - their integrity is on the line every time they write an article.  

Not having read the article in the Linux magazine, I'm fairly sure 
the person who wrote the article about RIP is being laughed at by 
many communities outside of NANOG, and his integrity is shot.


If I want your opinion, I'll read it in your entrails.

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