Cooler servers for the Internet

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I could not be in more agreement with you.  I have
written a white paper that discusses this issue.  It
covers some of the basics of cooling and power but it
also takes it down to Ohms Law and shows a few excel
worksheets for calculations of single systems as well
as roll-up's for racks of equipment.  Here is a link
to the white-paper:

Please let me know what you think if you have a chance
to give it a read.


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--- Sean Donelan <sean at> wrote:
> IBM is announcing several new servers today.  One
> interesting feature
> of the press release is a new focus on power
> consumption and cooling.
> IBM directly targets the high heat generated by the
> SUN servers.  Compared
> to a Sun Server, the new IBM servers have 1/3 the
> heat dissipation, based
> on the published specifications.  IBM eServer p660
> is 3,294 BTUs/hr compared
> with 9,420 BTUs/hr for a Sun Fire 3800.
> Of course, these numbers are pretty bogus.  Most
> computer manufacture
> specification sheets are useless for accurately
> forecasting the power
> consumption of the equipment.  I suspect, after
> Sun's PR people realize
> they are getting beat up, they will go back and
> better calculate the power
> consumption figures for their servers.
> I'm not very interested in who really has the
> coolest, most efficient
> computers.  I am interested in getting accurate
> information for planning
> purposes.  If this leads to computer vendors
> publishing more accurate
> information, great.  I'm afraid instead, the
> pendulum will swing the
> other direction and vendors will begin understating
> their true power
> requirements.

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