AOL and Earthlink postmaster-like contacts?

Alan Clegg alan at
Fri Apr 20 01:36:06 UTC 2001

If there is anyone with any clout with AOL on the list, please contact me
directly.  I need to talk with someone that actually has clue regarding
mail policy and what their black-hole and "spam" policies are.
Additionally, I'd like to talk with someone from Earthlink regarding their
recent run-in with AOL's mail blackholes.

I'll be providing details of what is going on as soon as I get it figured
out myself.

[btw, yes, I've contacted [email protected] but both seem to be relatively deep
 black holes themselves]

perl -le '$_="6110>374086;2064208213:90<307;55";tr[0->][ LEOR\!AUBGNSTY];print'
    echo "6110>374086;2064208213:90<307;55" | tr '0->' ' LEOR\!AUBGNSTY'
	alan at

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