What does 95th %tile mean?

Todd Suiter todd at space4rent.com
Fri Apr 20 00:55:28 UTC 2001

Along the lines of this thread, What do you folks use for GATHERING said billing
stats? I use a combination of MRTG and Cricket, which works pretty well, what
are other folks using? I'm always willing to look at other folks' solutions
to problems, as none of us, well, except Mr. Frazier, knows everything:).


On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, Geoff Huston wrote:

> At 4/20/01 10:18 AM, David Schwartz wrote:
> >         Billing based upon total bytes transferred tends to create similar
> >problems. Do you bill based upon bytes transferred per day? Per month? If
> >so, it's still statistical sampling if you have some amount of 'paid
> >bandwidth'.
> I think its the last part of this statement about 'paid bandwidth' which is 
> the bit that may make your statistical sampling comment , but I'm unsure if 
> your 'paid bandwidth' is the same as the one thats in my head.
> In general (minus 'paid bandwidth' and taking the view that all bytes 
> passed between the customer and the provider have the same billable value) 
> byte transferred systems are more reliable if you take as your yardstick of 
> 'reliability' that the same algorithm applied to the same raw data should 
> yield the same result. As long as both parties can agree (precisely) when 
> the measurement interval starts and stops, of course.
> Of course if you then want to complicate the picture by attaching different 
> billing rates to different packets, then once more the complexity rises and 
> the accuracy tends to drop.

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