Router Servers in a lab

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I'm using mrtd for this purpose exactly. To begin with, I wrote small PERL
script ( which takes "show ip bgp" output of cisco router
(default free, found in the internet) and convert it to mrtd ASCII format.
Then I patched the route_atob (route_atob.c) of mrtd package to read this
file. I used sbgp to inject the full table into my router. Assuming that the
"show ip bgp" dump file is (this is actually the name I found it),
the command should be (after trimming ASproc so only pure table exist):

gunzip --stdout | -i stdin -o stdout | route_atob -i
stdin -o stdout | sbgp -i stdin .... 

Good luck

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> > i like mrtd better anyway, since it has the bgpsim tool.  
> it allows you
> > to withdraw and announce routes to simulate flapping.  has 
> frequency,
> > jitter, all that fun stuff.
> > (see
> Downloading.... :)  --Thanks

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