gigabit router (was Re: Getting a "portable" /19 or /20)

alex at alex at
Thu Apr 12 02:12:17 UTC 2001

> > into production. That bug is still not fixed. Since confederations are very
> > widely used, and no one else found this bug, and yet we have hit it nearly
> > immediately, there is some sort of logical problem here. If something as
> > simple as AS_PATH prepending in confederations does not work, I have some
> > big reservations about things that are much more complex than that.
> Alex, there are some promising local isps that have large bgp networks
> with confederations and the confed behavior is fine. I am not sure what
> you mean by as path prepending in confederations, but if you are talking
> about the routers not taking into account the confederation member AS's in
> the overall as path length when doing route selection, than that is what
> was expected by most people using confeds.

No, I am talking about Junipers PR#13233. Your friendly Juniper Systems
Engineer should be very glad to explain to you what exactly that means.

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