Router Servers in a lab

Barrie Jones bjones at
Wed Apr 11 01:41:44 UTC 2001

I have never tried this, but I forwarded your mail to my coworker who has,
and here is what he had to say:

interesting... i did try zebra but couldn't find a way to have it load
saved routes, only dump them.

i like mrtd better anyway, since it has the bgpsim tool.  it allows you
to withdraw and announce routes to simulate flapping.  has frequency,
jitter, all that fun stuff.


mike harrison wrote:

> > route tables and save them to a file.  Then have something, possibly a
> > route server, import this file and inject these routes into my lab
> > network.  Any ideas/suggestions?  Is this possible without having a
> > live BGP feed into my lab network?
> This would be easy to do with Zebra and a unix boxen.
> Zebra is a BGP routing deamon similiar in function to GateD.
> Fairly easy to setup (ie:  uses cisco-ish commands),
> and a few lines of perl with a dump or log dump
> could easily recreate the world as you want it.
> see:

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