Getting a "portable" /19 or /20

Roeland Meyer rmeyer at
Mon Apr 9 22:21:12 UTC 2001

> From: mike harrison [mailto:meuon at]
> Sent: Monday, April 09, 2001 3:08 PM
> John said:
> > Well, you could acquire a company that already has one. :)
> That has been the suggestion from several people. 
> I've even considered it, especially when one of my local
> competitors has a /18, and they are much smaller than we are.

Isn't it wonderful how being a good netizen allows your less-picky
competitors to get a leg-up on you? Say what<!?!>, they're smaller than you
and have an /18? How did that happen?

> We 'NAT' an incredible amount of dial-up and commercial customers
> to reduce our need for public IP's, and trends thankfully went to
> customers WANTING to be NAT'd and Proxied for 'firewall' reasons, 
> with only a few public IP's. 

However, it kinda makes you wish that you hadn't NAT'd doesn't it? Then,
you'd have less of a problem qualifying for the /19.

> It seems a poor reasons for acquiring a company, as they
> really do not "own" the address space. --Mike--

Remember that point made ... about the communist manifesto?

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