Northern Viriginia Power

Tom Beckett TomB at
Sat Apr 7 22:41:28 UTC 2001

I'm located in Old Town Alexandria.  We experienced no power problems of any
sort during this time period.  We also co-lo in Herndon and had no
indications of any problems there either.

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On Thu, 05 April 2001, John Starta wrote:
> The service interruption was apparently a result of a major regional power

> failure in Northern Virginia. I'm curious whether it was AOL or their 
> providers who suffered from the power failure. I would expect AOL would 
> have back-up power.

Was anyone else effected in Northern Virginia?  Other than a couple of
stories about AOL IM being down, I couldn't find any news coverage of
a major regional power outage in Northern Viriginia.  The only story
I found was an electrical fire at Dullas Town Center near the Gap store.

VEPCO customer service didn't know of any power outages.

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