AS Leakage (filter)

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Is there a published list of best practice filters out there?  

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On Thu, 5 Apr 2001, John Fraizer wrote:

> How many ways can I say "I didn't realize that Christian was speaking
> about Exodus?

I try to speak about networks in general. I hope that many people on the
list understand peering and filtering.

For example. If I peer with any provider, from Sprint to the provider
sending me 1 route I will filter _701_ from all of them. I will also
filter _1239_ from _701_ and all other peers. Please be aware, that I used
the term PEER and not Transit provider.

I would filter the RFC1918 from peers and transit providers. I would
filter IANA-RESERVED. I would filter my own IP space (no reason to see
someone else deagg towards me)

People have emailed me privately about filtering and I have given some
examples of filtering.

At the end of Feb, Steve Meuse and I talked about filtering at the LINX
meeting. If people would have followed some of the information given, they
might not have had a problem when an internet provider leaked the linx IP

access-list 1 deny
access-list 1 deny

Here is the URL if anyone would like to look at some of the filtering
Exodus does


> I _DID_NOT_KNOW_ that Christian worked for Exodus.
> I _DID_NOT_KNOW_ that Christian worked for Exodus.
> I _DID_NOT_KNOW_ that Christian worked for Exodus.

btw, i still work for Exodus...

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