Faster 'Net growth rate raises fears about routers

Hank Nussbacher hank at
Wed Apr 4 09:00:28 UTC 2001

At 07:11 04/04/01 +1000, Philip Smith wrote:

It may also be the concerted effort of certain individuals who have been 
after the top 10-30 non-CIDRers.  I know I have sent out dozens of emails 
to those ASes since Jan 1 and have gotten, in general, a positive response 
and many have fixed their systems.


>If you look at the graphs though, the routing table growth stopped around 
>the end of the year. I've seen 101k prefixes give or take a few hundred in 
>my view since 31st December.... Also, the number of /24s being announced 
>has stopped growing. It's been 58k5 for the last 3 months...
>Routing table growth is following the state of the Internet economies? 
>Looks like it to me.
>At 13:15 02/04/2001 +0200, Hank Nussbacher wrote:
>>I have a feeling this one may start another very large NANOG thread:

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