Faster 'Net growth rate raises fears about routers

Richard A. Steenbergen ras at
Mon Apr 2 22:50:37 UTC 2001

On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 03:37:22PM -0700, Bill Woodcock wrote:
> > So, please explain to me how not being multi-homed is anything other than a
> > bad-thing and high-risk? No, I am not including colo, because it is assumed
> > that you know what their arrangements are before you "buy". Reputable colos
> > are multi-homed, in spades.
> You say "responsible cab drivers must have not one, but two taxicabs,
> in order to provide service in the event of a failure.  Therefore, I
> bought one from Fisher-Price, and one from Hot Wheels, and I'm
> astounded to find that neither provides me with the luxury which I
> expected."  I think Patrik may have been suggesting that if you had a
> Checker, you might not need to worry quite so much about redundancy.

Only one transit? For a reliable internet, two transits is the minimium
requirement, and you have but one, which is less then two, and two is what
you need... Curses...

You must immediately purchase some transit, which you need for internet,
for without transit you cannot have the internet that you so require.

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