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Company balance sheets have little to do with the price of the
company's stock.  Equities are institutionally traded in baskets.  The
cash value (the equities themselves) are also traded against the index
future - this is called Index Arbitrage.  The result is a high correlation
between the prices of all equities in a given market. 

Compare the charts of ISLD, INAP, EXDS, MFNX, WCOM - they are nearly
identical. The primary difference is the price itself.  


On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, Hank Nussbacher wrote:

> At 09:00 02/04/01 -0500, Deitrich Dave-CDD039 wrote:
> Easy.  For 2000 net loss totaled $185.5M, up from $50M in 1999.  Even at 
> $70M of revenue for 2000, a market cap of $261M with that kind of mounting 
> loss is being generous, IMHO.
> -Hank
> > > They've been down around $1.50 a share for a while now... but apparently
> > > as of today their stock is up 34%. Something I should know about InterNAP?
> >
> >Does anyone know why InterNAP stock is so low in the first place?  I've
> >been looking around online and I haven't found any noticeably bad press
> >about them.  We've talked with several of InterNAP's customers as part of
> >our own evaluation and according to them InterNAP practically walks on
> >water.  I don't get it... :-(
> >
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