Report from New Zealand

Deepak Jain deepak at
Sat Jan 1 04:11:43 UTC 2000

Or leave a landline open & muted some time before the roll-over and keep 
it that way until the normal means of communication (mobile, etc) are 
available again.

P.S. We are seeing an expected drop of traffic over a normal Friday 
coinciding with various people heading off for their millenium 
celebrations. Far below normal/expected trouble calls.

Deepak Jain

On Sat, 1 Jan 2000, Mark Prior wrote:

>      "The phone system is almost useless" is perhaps less accurate than
>      "the one person I have talked to has reported some problems with his
>      office handsets" :)
> I think in the Australian experience "the mobile phone system is
> useless" was pretty accurate for at least an hour after midnight.
> Landlines coped much better. For the places yet to experience 1/1/00 I
> would suggest that if you need to keep in touch with your NOC (or
> whatever) then be near a landline and give the mobile a night off.
> Mark.

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