UK GMT roll over

Bill Becker bbecker at
Sat Jan 1 04:06:42 UTC 2000

There are also unamusing things like for example the local coffee/doughnut 
shop being closed tonight when it is supposed to be open 24/7.  I 
consider this to be a serious denial of  service by the miscreant who 
operates the shop.  Man does not live by nicotine alone.

Meanwhile i sit here like a moron waiting an hour for a non-event to 
happen.  My sole purpose for being here is so that the 'suits' who are 
out whooping it up, can experience anxiety-free whooping.

After midnight i get to dodge drunken revelers on my 33 mile trip home, 
and tomorrow morning i'll get salt in the wounds when Randy unloads on me 
for copying this to nanog.

I just hope i'm dead when 2038 rolls around.  Or is it 2238?  I can't 
remember.  Oh well.

On Fri, 31 Dec 1999, Alex Pilosov wrote:

> This is mildly amusing. Looking at headers:
> On Sat, 1 Jan 100, Neil J. McRae wrote:

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