IP bandwidth usage collector?

Majdi Abbas majdi at puck.nether.net
Mon Sep 27 01:40:17 UTC 1999

> You're pretty darn close actually.  For the list, I'll be writing a
> little script that will pull these values from SNMP and store them in a
> SQL database, so the admin script as well as the user can check their
> bandwidth charts (I do use MRTG, but I like being able to look at one
> screen and see the exact amount of traffic that my customers have
> transferred to the net as well as what they owe us (if anything).  I'll
> hopefully start work on it tomorrow afternoon and might have something
> finished by the end of the week.

	Why not just tally their values out of the MRTG logfiles?
If you're already running it and all..


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