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Sean Butler sbutler1 at
Thu Sep 23 17:01:27 UTC 1999

> At 05:45 AM 9/22/99 -0700, Derek Balling wrote:
> >So now, even the age-old "litmus test" of "how do I program my Cisco to
> >that?" is a bad one?
> Actually, in the case of service providers, this is exactly why the
> "cisco-nsp at" was established.  Well, it wasn't really
> established at that site, but that's where it migrated later.  The list
> is available for discussion of cisco service provider specific discussions
> just like this one.  If you want to talk about Juniper routers, on the
> other hand.... :-) :-)

There is a Juniper list at juniper-nsp at, though it
doesn't get alot of traffic...

Subscriptions to:  juniper-nsp-request at

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