DACS vendor

Peter Polasek pete at cobra.brass.com
Wed Sep 22 20:34:59 UTC 1999

We are considering using Digital Access Cross Connect units (DACS)
to split T1 local loops into fractional T channels.  Given that
our current knowledge of DACS does not extend significantly beyond
the ability to spell the acronym, I am soliciting advice from the 
network group for recommended hardware vendors.  Cost is not an 
object, we are primarily concerned with choosing the 'industry
standard' manufacturer with the highest reliability and knowledgeable
technical support.  Please share your experiences (positive or 
negative) with DACS equipment.  In an effort to minimize traffic on 
the NANOG list, I request that responses be sent to my e-mail address 
and I will submit a summary when all the votes are in.  The vendors 
under consideration now are Adtran, Eastern Research, StarDAX, and
Fisher Price (we have some reservations about the latter product).

Thanks in advance,
Peter Polasek
pete at brass.com

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