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Gerry McDonald gerry at
Tue Sep 21 16:13:08 UTC 1999

I have a question... I am currently expanding our network to accommodate a T1 to the 
Internet and a 512K frame connection to our WAN.. I need to purchase a router and spoke 
to several vendors. I have heard conflicting stories regarding the model of Cisco router I 
should get. 

One vendor <vendor a> tells me that I should get a 2620 with 2 Wan Ports and the other 
vendor <vendor b> is telling me that I might compromise my security by using one router for 
WAN and Internet connections. Their suggesting that I get 2 routers one for my Wan and 
another for the Internet connection... 

Vendor B is telling me that it would be possible to enter our wan without touching our firewall 
should someone be able to hack into our IOS on the router...

I decided to go the experts... I would appreciate any helpful suggestions.



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