IS-IS reference

Jack Crowder monterey at
Sat Sep 18 16:53:07 UTC 1999

There were a handful of helpful folks who asked about what I was trying to
do before they showered me with advice.  (Advice mainly about how OSPF is
the way to go).  To those who actually read my question and discussed their
experiences actually installing IS-IS - I am very thankful.

Some useful discussion come out of the thread though.  I hope those who
didn't participate came away with some insight.

At 09:07 PM 9/15/99 -0400, Paul G. Donner wrote:
>So Jack, after all this rant did you get any good advice about IS-IS ;-)
>At 11:29 AM 9/13/1999 -0700, Jack Crowder wrote:
>>I was wondering if I could talk with someone who has recently implemented
>>IS-IS.  I'm attempting to move a small NSP away from static routing and
>>based on their topology - OSPF would have to be configured all in Area 0.
>>Since the technology provided by this NSP to their customers will include
>>multicast services (video specifically), I thought that I should consider
>>IS-IS while the slate is relatively clean.
>>If there is someone who has implemented this routing on their network that
>>I could ask a few questions of (practical experience), I would appreciate
>>Jack Crowder
>>monterey at

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