IS-IS reference

Randy Bush randy at
Tue Sep 14 12:03:05 UTC 1999

in general, i agree.  except for a quibble

> The backbone should not take _any_ routing information from the leaf
> networks.

there are cases where one has to:

  o multi-homed customers who need to speak bgp.  yes, one could 'cheat'
    and not listen to their announcements and static route them.  but it
    is easier to get the safety by buildin acls from the routing
    databases.  (and don't start ranting on that one:-)

  o pops where one's local complexity is sufficiently high, or router
    management is delegated, so that ibgp or confederation are the most
    reasonable ways to partition into managable pieces (remember the
    business model which drives my life).


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