IS-IS reference

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Sep 13 23:23:19 UTC 1999

> 1. Use IBGP and redistribute connected/static and when you can, aggregate
>    those statics/connecteds at each router.
> 2. Use IGP (IS-IS level-2 or OSPF area0) for the backbone links and
>    IBGP, Any-RP loopbacks. Don't add instability to your 
>    IGP when you have IBGP that can take care of it much more efficiently. 
>    As long as IGP can reach/see each router's loopback, IBGP will
>    work great for connecteds/statics (just make sure you don't announce
>    these specifics to your peers).
> 3. Don't use static routing for backbone links.... i am not sure how that
>    even came up. Remember this is a NSP of some sorts.

vadim's english was not so bad it needed reinterpreting

> 4. Do multicasting, just make sure you get clueful on it.  Its not rocket
>    science... and with PIM sparse/dense, its much easier than the DVMRP
>    days.  (and make sure you get on a good IOS release and stay off the
>    buggy releases)

that's anything since the lost stanford backup tapes?  and msdp worked
almost as well on that release as it does now.


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