Mae east?

Vadim Antonov avg at
Sun Sep 12 22:14:08 UTC 1999

Brad S. Dreisbach <bradd at> wrote:
>Im getting weird syslog messages about the temp.
>Ive never seen this from my router at 8100 boone.
>Sep 12 17:00:17 662: *Sep 12 12:58:40.754 UTC: %ENVM-4-ENVWARN:
>chassis outlet 3 measured at 50C/122F

What do other sensors show?

If all temperatures are consistently high, there's a real environmental
problem.  Otherwise it could be a broken sensor (i've seen that happening
with cisco gear several times), or a stuck fan in the box.  In any
case you'd better go there and check what's going on.


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