Direct Phone Number which is regarding for AS297

Dave Morton dmorton at
Fri Sep 10 16:34:49 UTC 1999

> > kmw at hiwaay.NET (Wallace, Kinnith) writes:
> > >      text = "NOC-phone:01.800.424.9920"
> >
> > I know I've mentioned this before, but dialing US 1-800 numbers (or
> > even 01-800 numbers) is somewhat difficult from a lot of countries.
> > Yes, there are a tricks.  But don't assume someone in Korea can easily
> > call a toll-free number.  Please always provide an
> > international direct
> > dial number for your NOC.

Indeed. In DE for example all 0-800 (=US 1-800 numbers) are registered
since full liberalisation with the RegTP (read FCC like). They provide
a db of such numbers which ever operator can download daily (at least)
and update the data fill in their switches accordingly to facilitate
the routing between operators. At the end of the day of course each and
every of these numbers gets routed to a geographic number. I've heard
there are plans for an EU wide scheme but dont hold your breath. 

I guess from the comments so far there is no such universal scheme in
the US not to mention anywhere else on the planet ? I believe on can
obtain so-called 00-800 type numbers from the ITU but it seems that
unless there are transit and/or interconnect agreements between the
27 million global operators to actually route these, they simply dont
work. Telco stuff is different as we all know, be glad for what we
have in the Internet.


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