Direct Phone Number which is regarding for AS297

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Fri Sep 10 15:21:14 UTC 1999

On 10 Sep 1999, John R. Levine wrote:

> It is my impression that the implementation of these numbers depend on
> a lot of complicated telco stuff, and you can't reliably expect them
> to work everywhere.  Remember that the US has many long distance
> companies, and each toll-free number is individually routed to the
> carrier that handles it, meaning that someone has to do a database dip
> to route these calls to the appropriate carrier once they reach the
> US.  It's not like normal numbers where every LD company can deliver
> any call.

Correct, this greatly depends on the international telco. Some countries
have used 888 and other blocks for other uses so this greatly complicates
matters. I was in Jamaica last month and had to used simplified 32 digit
dialing to call a 800 number and that only worked some of the time.

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